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I loved books and read daily….Some people would call me a voracious reader.
I wrote poetry and loved all my animals.
I helped my Dad and Mom around the house and I attended Penn State University.
I enjoyed music and being with my friends.
I loved watching movies with my Mom in front of the big screen TV in our living room.
Dad and I would listen to WIP Sports talk and I was pretty good at knowing quite a bit about Philly sports.
I played basketball and softball and ran cross country and was a cheerleader in school.
I was even a black belt in karate!!
I enjoyed drawing and one of my favorite books was " The Secret Life of Bees", among many others.
I loved Oreo's Double Stuff cookies, my favorite.
I love my family ..My Mom and Dad and my brother Alex. I will see all of you again. We will be able to smile, laugh and hug one another, together again in a happier place.
I am now the "Angel on your Shoulder"…if you listen really hard, you will hear my voice and feel me guide you through the rest of your life.

Love and Kisses, Kacie

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